Professional Tattoo Studio since 2008

Studio Highlights

Tattoos, Custom tattoos, and cover-ups
Maximum cleaning and sterilization, including those in force against Covid.
A friendly and welcoming environment for everyone.
Full privacy available.
Extensive professional experience for over 20 years.
Black and White, Color, Cover-up tattoos.

Also open to artistic commissions:
Paintings, Illustrations, Artwork, Design.

Pic by Marta Mastergood

 During a Tattoo Convention in Rome I organized the “Ink Of Ages” exhibition, with a musical theme in a tattoo style, inviting Filip Leu, Antti Kuurne, Josh Mcalear, Christos to participate. It was nice because outside of the tattoo I also had a pictorial comparison between the various artists. I have been in the midst of this world since 1995 and it is fantastic because over time those who were your mentors also become something more direct and close.


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