Welt has been drawing and painting since the early 90s as well as tattooing.
Many of his works are for sale.
Others make them on commission.

  • Original art by Welt
  • Please allow 2-3 weeks for your delivery
  • All artworks are made to order and non-returnable

Alien Eye Handmade silver ring



This ring is in 925 silver, 5,5 Gr. Cat eye stone. Handcrafted by professional jewelers based on my exclusive design.

In this unique piece, fantasy elements, such as the clairvoyant eyes of ancient gods and dragon claws meet with creatures from a Lovecraftian horror world and Krullian science fiction lost in a distant galaxy, now materialized in our dimension.

For the US size add +40 to the size number. The handmade product will be available within 15 days from the order date.

Available for international shipping

Certificate of Authenticity

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